Digital Maturity Assessment

Use InnoCAPE digital maturity assessment tool to discover where you stand in your digital journey, how you compare with other industry players and identify your areas of possible development.

The online tool is currently under developments – it will be a questionnaire based tool which will enable assessing the level of digital maturity of an organisation. Digital maturity tool will be available for guided use with external evaluator or individual use for SMEs.

To ensure the tool is working properly in terms of content and online solution, we would like to pilot the tool with interested SMEs. Please, share your interest by providing the details within the form below.

Register for Pilot

SMEs willing to assess its digital maturity level free of charge are invited to register for a pilot. Once InnoCAPE DMA tool is ready (est. Spring 2020), you will receive full information about further participation. The pilots will be implemented in two stages: first the company fills the questionnaire individually, and then it is evaluated following a methodology together with InnoCAPE experts.

Sign up for Digital Innovation Hub

Digital Innovation Hubs, willing to use InnoCAPE digital maturity assessment tool in their work are welcome! Once you register for pilot, you will receive full information about further participation (est. Spring 2020).