For small and medium sized enterprises, it can be hard to realise the potential in digital technologies, and how to become more data-driven. More efficient use of data and digital technologies poses some great opportunities to enhance how companies improve their efficiency, how they create more value for their clients, and how they utilise digital income models to increase their revenue or make it more stable and predictable. The webinar outlines a work process built on how companies can gain insight on customer problems, find solutions, and utilise technologies to deliver increased value to their clients. Examples of successful continuous learning for SMEs and big business will be used throughout the webinar.

The speaker for the webinar is Eirik Andreassen who is the Manager of Clusters and Regional Partners at DigitalNorway. He is a proven leader, with 20 years of experience from large corporates and SMEs, both in Norway and internationally. In DigitalNorway, Eirik delivers courses, lectures, and work extensible with SMEs to address their main challenges when implementing digital technologies as part of their growth strategies.

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This webinar is part of a series consisting of six webinars taking place within the framework of the InnoCAPE project, which designs a cooperation model to develop a digital innovation ecosystem in the Baltic Sea region and enhances the capacity of digital innovation hubs (DIHs) in the Baltic Sea region. Read more about the project here.