On 23rd of March 2020 we were hosting a webinar “AI Opportunities for SMEs”. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is developing rapidly not only in terms of basic research and technology – but also in their application and ethical issues. We use AI and ML applications from voice search on smart phones to support systems in cars. It is expected that AI will be a game-changer for all industries large and small by providing smart applications and efficiency in the business processes through optimal utilization of organizations data. This webinar will focus on how SMEs can start utilizing AI and ML in their products, services and business models.

The speaker for the webinar is Åsa Rudström who’s a scientific researcher, project leader, coordinator, networker and speaker/lecturer, with a PhD in Man-Machine Interaction. During the past years, she has been involved in many activities where data-driven innovation, AI and Machine Learning is used to solve real problems together with the industries and organisations in need of the solutions.

The access to the the recording of the webinar is right below:

This webinar is part of a series consisting of six webinars taking place within the framework of the InnoCAPE project, which designs a cooperation model to develop a digital innovation ecosystem in the Baltic Sea region and enhances the capacity of digital innovation hubs (DIHs) in the Baltic Sea region.